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About Thyme for U

We are based in rural Somerset close to Glastonbury with all it’s magic and South Cadbury, the alleged home of King Arthur.

Thyme for U is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, this year has kicked me up the backside to do it…the dreaded “40” is fast approaching in the next few months and so it has spurred me on to really take stock and evaluate my life and where I want it to go etc. How do I get the right work life balance?  How do I show my children that working hard pays off? Do I ever do anything for me? Do I make time for me?

So, I decided to take a risk, follow my dreams and live a little.  After my Dad died last year, he left me a lot of books about herbs and their health benefits.  I already had a keen interest and knowledge of holistic and alternative therapies and feel that my passion, interests and these recent life events have prompted the realisation that we all need to make more time for ourselves. To slow down, relax and enjoy some tranquil moments within our busy lives. 

My vision is for the business to contain and grow a wider range of herbal and natural remedies, focusing on the creation of relaxing environments too. 

I hope that you can find something here for you to start creating tranquil moments and Thyme for U….thanks for visiting!

Vicky xx